Why writing a blog is good for marketing your business

There are lots of reasons you can find to not blog if you’re a business. Not having enough time is one of them, or you may think that nobody will be interested in reading your content, or you’re not sure what to write about…


To help you think about blogging differently, I’m sharing some reasons why it can be really valuable for your business and a great marketing tool.

It’s great for your SEO

Companies that blog have an average of 55% more visitors than those who don’t. (1)

I’m sure you’ve heard that regular new blog posts on your website can help with your SEO? It’s one of the best ways to keep your website fresh and updated. And Google loves new, relevant content so you’re more likely to appear in search results.

Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages than businesses without blogs. (2)

Also, blog posts with relevant images often get shown more in search results. Visual graphics or an image can help people to understand more complex subjects too.

Articles with images receive 94% more views, on average, compared to articles without images. (3)

It can increase views to your website

Publishing new content on your website gives customers a reason to return.

You’ll share a link to your blog article on social, others may share it on social too and it could appear in search results. They’re all extra ways to help bring more people back to your website. Once they’re on your website, it gives you another opportunity to push them through to an enquiry or to a product sale.

It gives your business credibility

Having an informative blog post can help position you as an expert in your industry, especially if your business has a technical product or service that needs explaining.

If potential customers find answers to their questions on your blog, this will help them to trust you as a knowledgeable source, helping with the overall sales process.

B2B marketers who use blogs as part of their content marketing mix get 67% more leads than those that don’t. (4)

It creates content you can share

Sometimes it’s tricky finding content to talk about on social media. That’s why having regular blog content to share can be a great part of your social strategy. If you’re stuck for new content to post each day, then you can share and re-share your blog articles.

Blog posts live forever online. Over time they can continue to grow in their SEO ranking and direct people through to your website, sometimes months or even years after they were published.

It helps people get to know your business

A blog can be a great way to bring personality to your brand/business. It’s the ideal place to be chatty and informal. I always tell clients to write as if you’re talking to your friend. So this means keeping it friendly by using phrases such as ‘I’m thinking about…’ instead of ‘I am considering…’.

People love to hear the story behind a business as this helps them to connect and relate to your company. A blog is a great place to tell your story, such as the background to your business, the people who work there or how your business was started at the kitchen table. If a customer feels like they know you already, it’ll make it easier to connect with them when they first get in touch.

Still need some convincing about writing your first blog post? Or need some help drafting the content? I’d be more than happy to help, get in touch caroline@twelvecommunications.com

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