Keep your website visitors happy

You may have a beautiful looking website but unless you direct your visitors to the right place, you won’t convert them into customers.


It's easy to get frustrated with a website if you can't find what you need. Don't make the mistake of annoying your potential customers. Here are some tips to help your website work at its best.


Calls to action

Make sure you know what you’re trying to get your website visitors to do. Is it to click through to make a purchase? Or to pick up the phone to make an enquiry? Or to find out more information about a service, before getting in touch via a web form?

Once you know what you want your customers to do, make it easy for them to do it. Simple! Make sure you have prominent buttons on each page of your website to take them through to what they need. e.g. ‘visit our shop’ or ‘get in touch’.


Give a good user experience

To get a customer to convert, what information do they need to find? They’ve landed on your website from a search result in Google, now where do they need to go?

Make sure you have visible links or calls to action to move your customers to the right page on the website. You can use links in content, or larger buttons. Keep navigation simple and your pages well structured to help with the overall user experience. If a visitor gets frustrated with your website, they'll give up and find a competitor.  Keep them happy and they're more likely to become a customer. 


Reviews and recommendations

If you’re selling a product or a service, a review is a trusted source that can help (85% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations). Testimonials can also give credibility, especially if you’re looking to target local customers.

Look at using a 3rd party review site, such as Google My Business or Facebook, and feature the reviews on your website. If you’re including testimonials, make it relevant to the content of the page and keep it sounding authentic and believable.


Keep the content simple

If you’re a business with a technical product to describe or a service which is complicated, it's easy to write a lot of content, which nobody will read. Or content which is full of jargon and acronyms that nobody understands.

Keep it simple. Keep sentences short and easy to understand. Use plain English. Write the basics and don’t go into too much detail. Don’t write too much and think about what the customer needs to know. Keep the important points in the intro and towards the top of the page. That way, a customer won’t get lost or confused and leave your website.


Reflect your brand

Know how you’d like to come across to your customers. This includes the language used e.g. friendly and honest, as well as the way you communicate your brand visually. Visitors to your website will get a feel for your product or service by the way it’s presented.

Keep your brand consistent with other communication channels or marketing activity too. 


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