Influencer marketing on social media

It's one of the big talked about things and is expected to continue to rise in 2018. How could influencer marketing help your business to grow?


Influencer marketing isn’t particularly a new thing as celebrities have endorsed products and brands for many years. What has changed is the way social media has given everyone the opportunity to become an influencer. Those who have a large following and good engagement can promote products and services to their fans. Sometimes products are gifted to the influencer, sometimes the brand pays the influencer to advertise it to their followers.

For your business, there will be potential customers who are following influential people on social media with similar interests to you. There’s a huge opportunity with these influencers, who can help to get your product or service known to their followers, and to as many people as possible.

There are many ways influencers could work with you, this can include:

  • Promotion of your product or service via a giveaway (Instagram and Facebook work well for this)

  • Promotion of your product or service via an Instagram story

  • A blog written about your product or service on the influencer's website e.g. a product review

  • A blog written by you (guest blog), posted on the influencer's blog

  • Sponsored posts promoting your product or service by the influencer


How to find the right influencer

Before you start looking for influencers, you need to be clear about who your target audience is and what your objectives are. This will help to focus your activity and reach the right people. 

There are various tools to help you find a social media influencer for your target audience, including FollowerWonk, Klout and BuzzSumo. It also helps by getting involved on social media with the community relevant to your business, and searching by hashtags and keywords. You’ll soon start to identify the right people that can be your influencers. 

Influencer marketing is also proven to be a more trusted way to advertise to customers. Twitter revealed that consumers trust influencers nearly as much as their friends, with 56% saying they rely on recommendations from friends, and 49% on influencers. So definitely an opportunity not to be missed for your business. Let me know how you get on!

For more info on influencer marketing, or for help getting started drop me a line