Increase organic reach on Facebook

If you manage a Facebook page you’ll know it’s becoming more and more tricky to increase the reach of your posts, without spending money on paid ads.

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Over the past few years, organic reach (who sees your content without paid ads) on Facebook has been declining. The daily increase in content being shared and the changes Facebook have made to the way content is displayed on your news feed hasn't helped.

Facebook’s algorithm decides who sees what content. When you open your news feed, Facebook makes an informed decision about how interested you might be in a post and then displays content in order of what (they think) will be the most engaging for you.

As Facebook users increase daily, it won't become any easier to get your content seen. So what can you do to help increase your organic reach?


Target your audience

Sometimes it can help to limit the type of people who will see your post based on interests, age, gender and location, using Facebook's Audience Optimization feature. By narrowing down the audience your content will reach can help make it more targeted and create a higher engagement.


Post every day

Try and post something at least once a day. You can check Facebook Insights to help you understand the best time to post, and what's most popular. Try and post at those peak times to help reach more people. Create content that will get a positive reaction from fans (Facebook tends to rank negative posts lower down in news feeds).


Respond to comments

Reply to every comment on your post - even if someone’s just liked your post, thank them. Ask your fans questions to help start a conversation with them - it's all about being social and engaging!


Video content

If content takes time to consume, it's more likely to be ranked higher on people's news feeds. Video is a great one to explore and videos posted directly using Facebook’s video platform receive better results. It's also worth looking at Facebook Live as it gets 3 x higher engagement than a video that isn't live. 


Tag other businesses

If you can, tag other pages in your posts (relevant ones obviously!). The business page will get notified that you've tagged them and they may share it too, which will help to increase your reach. It's also good to share content from other businesses on your page. 


Engage with influencers

Get influencers to start promoting your product or service on Facebook. This can be as simple as sending them a free product to be reviewed. See my recent post for more on influencer marketing. It's also good to share user-generated content or testimonials on your page.


Paid ads

If you decide to ‘boost’ posts and pay to increase the reach of a post, choose one that already has a good ‘organic’ engagement (check Facebook Insights).


And lastly, keep the content relevant and focussed towards your target audience. That way, you can help to increase engagement and get better results for your business.

Need some further tips on managing your social media content? Drop me a line