Get your posts seen on Instagram

There’s a lot of talk on Instagram at the moment about the drop in reach (how many people see your post) following changes made to the algorithm this year.

Grow Instagram reach

I run @home.twelve as an interiors account. Mainly because I love anything to do with renovating, decorating and styling my home. I get lots of inspiration from others on Instagram and I find it's a great, positive community.

So, what do you think? Should you just post what you love, and enjoy sharing and engaging with like-minded people? Or should you try and help things along by being more tactical?

With my marketing hat on, I would recommend trying some of these tips to help grow your reach, engagement and organically increase your followers:


Best time to post

Test and find out the best time to post. When are your audience most likely to be on Instagram and see your content? For me, posting around 7 pm works best. If you have a business account, you can see when your followers are most online via your insights.


Be social

Social media is all about being social (funny that!). So make your caption interesting enough for people to comment on. Maybe ask a question to get a response. The more comments you get, the more reach your post is likely to get. Make sure you engage and comment on other people's posts too. It helps to comment on accounts that you don't follow as well.


Reply to comments

Always reply to any comment as quickly as possible. If you schedule your post in advance, make sure you’re available to respond to any comments made afterwards.


Support others

Set up a private group of like-minded accounts, and all support each other by commenting (more than 4 words is recognised as a comment) and liking their posts. If you save their posts, apparently that helps too.


Post to Stories

Do this as often as possible! The more someone interacts with your stories, the more likely your posts will show up in their feed. It's a great way to engage with your audience personally, as people will often direct message a comment to you whilst watching your stories. As the use of stories continues to grow (with over 300 million daily users) it's a absolute must for your marketing.



If you add more than one photo to a post, it creates a carousel of images for someone to swipe through. This means they are likely to spend more time on your grid, which can help to increase their engagement with your content. 


Use hashtags

You can use up to 30 hashtags per post (don't use more, otherwise your caption won't be seen). The more you use, the more likely your post will be seen by others that have an interest in your type of business. Don't use the same hashtags each time you post, you need to mix it up otherwise Instagram may block who sees your posts (known as a Shadowban).

Research relevant hashtags for your product or business. Hashtag contests are a great way to get inspiration for what to post, and help to build a like-minded community. It's all about 'being social'.


If you know any other clever ways to help get your Instagram posts seen, please comment and share your ideas!

If you’d like some advice or support on your Instagram marketing, please get in touch